[section_title title=”Testimonials”]What others say about me.[/section_title]
[testimonials][testimonial img=”291″ client=”Smart Center” job=”Lecturer”]We have Said at our staff and we can say that he is a great lecturer at his role. His devotion to the work is always what pleases us and our services.[/testimonial][testimonial img=”292″ client=”Immense Group” job=”Web Developer”]I am writing to warmly recommend Said Dulevic. He worked with us at Immense Group sh.p.k in the Full/Stack Web Developer position and reported to me in my position as Administrator CEO.He was a highly valued member of the team and made a strong contribution during his time here. We put a premium on team players and Said was a natural fit.[/testimonial][testimonial img=”293″ client=”Vivido Software” job=”C# Developer”]Said has worked for us for some months. He was trained and helped us with some MVC Projects.[/testimonial][/testimonials]