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InDesign Materials and Templates to use in 2020

Premium indesign materials and templates for free To Download them you must have utorrent installed Click here to download the file then open it with utorrent.   If the link dont work here is the utorrent long working link   Another link where you can find free indesign templates is HERE

Powerpoint Templates 2020 Premium – Free Download

Greetings, Here you can download freemium templates for powerpoint. Click the link download :DOWNLOAD FREE  

Photoshop Actions

  Face Retouch: Hapi 1: Shkarkojme File ATN SHKARKO KETU Hapi 2: E vendosim file tek : C:// -> Program Files -> Adobe ->Photoshop CC -> Presets-> Actions Hapi 3: Hapim Photoshop Hapi 4: Vendosim imazhin qe duam te bejme retouch Hapi 5: Rregullojme Aknet ose pjeset qe duam te heqim me Healing Brush Hapi [...]

Ndertimi i nje Banneri Perfekt per Postimin tuaj apo Reklamen !

  New Banners PHOTOSHOP  Version 2020 DOWNLOAD FREE HERE 550 Bannera for Instagram & Facebook 2020 DOWNLOAD FREE HERE   Pike se pari shkarkoni modelet gati ne PSD (Photoshop File) 1 SHKARKO KETU Materiale te tjera 2 SHKARKO KETU Materiale te tjera 3 SHKARKO KETU Materiale te tjera 4 SHKARKO KETU Materiale per Instragram 5 […]

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